Since high image quality is my No.1 priority,
you may not be able to view it on a low-end PC.
The file size is relatively large - 15 megabytes -
and read processing may not catch up with playback
depending on the status of your Internet connection.

Therefore, thanks to Fuji Hajime, the Administrator of UW Apuroda,
I have an alternative:
I have the Preview file compressed and uploaded onto his website.
Please see if you can download, decompress, and play it.
And enjoy the unofficial Demo that comes along with the Preview.

You'll see that the file is compressed into .wmv format.
As long as you have the latest edition of Windows Media Player installed,
you should have no trouble playing it.

In the event that you are unsuccessful in downloading this either,
chances are that you won't be able to view this Product.
In this case, I ask you kindly not to make the purchase.

Please make a report if you encounter any other technical inconvenience.
I'll see how it can be handled.