Now, this is my "Coming Ups" room,
showing, for the most part, UW-related works in progress.

You might see this and say,
"Gosh, how come you've come up with so much unfinished work?
For heaven's sake, have some focus."

Yeah, you're absolutely right.
But I have this nature in me that,
I'm often not focused, often distracted, and have a very short attention span.
Often times, I decide to start on so many things at a time,
go on to shoot myself in the foot,
and end up working in a plain living hell.
Doesn't sound so smart.

Well...allow me to say,
nobody is perfect.
I'm fine...I can pull these through.
Quoting myself from the first pages of this site,
any artist can bring his work to its finish
just by not giving up and keeping on scrambling with his hands.
And I do believe that.

Chinagirl Down (CG Artwork Series)

Mio, the Kunoichi (Digital Comicbook Series)

Nagi, the Kunoichi (Animation)

Dying to Be A Mermaid (Digital Comicbook Series)

Ninja Sisters: the Eternal Orb of the South Seas
(Digital Comicbook Series)

The Escape (CGs with Text)