Here you can see Kunoichis Mio and Nagi co-starring.
In their probe for the mysterious Eternal Orb, Mio and Nagi
set off an exploration in a sunken vessel.

As some of you may notice,
it is a re-make of something I posted on a certain BBS some years back.
(which is no longer available.)

I'd come up with more than 100 pics for this,
but it is still all unfinished, only halfway through.
I've kept thinking about finishing it up,
but you know, time flies...
and this is where still I am right now.

As there have been great changes in my style since my first post,
as to my drawing skills and touches,
I just decided to start over from Page One.
I now have around fifty rough drafts, and that's about it.
I can't tell when I'll be releasing this.

But I'm all done with the plot, and I'd really like to finish it this time.