FI am currently working this one into a commercial DVD.
Originally, I had planned to do a day-and-date release
of it with the launch of the site, but, well, I...I...

just COULDN'T.

the reasons being insufficient PC skills, insufficient funds,
insufficient sleep and nutrition and all that,
but I still do have the sufficient motivation,
and I WILL drive it into finish.
Lord have mercy, and please give me some more time.

This series is pushing back all the other contents of my site
far behind schedule.
Well, welcome to hell...the world of private animation!
Nagi has cost me about 70% of all the effort
that went into my website building.

If I still wouldn't be able to finish it after all this,
I'd be a complete idiot.
So I will. Definitely. No matter what.

You have an access to the trailer.
See for yourself some of what I've been through.

Nagi, the Kunoichi Traileri.wmv 8min29secj

Meanwhile, see Nagi's sister Mio pull off some stunts in
Mio, the Kunoichi, which will precede Nagi in her debut.
This will be in comicbook form.

So keep up with the Sisters.