This will be my second series of work, after Chinagirl.
It's the daring adventures of Mio, a Kunoichi (female ninja),
through fearsome underwater mazes.
I plan to have it in three volumes, and right now I am almost done with pics
for the first one.
(Each volume will be comprised of 120 pages, though the number of pages is
subject to change after editing.)

You've met Mio...the older of the Ninja Sisters.
You've seen her diving down in The Eternal Orb of the South Seas.

But those of you who don't know what I am talking about,
it's quite okay, because that piece of work has been gone for a while.

Anyway, Mio is the older sister of Nagi, the Kunoichi.
There you literally have what you call "sister volumes,"(haha...)
of which Mio is likely to have its debut first.

Here, you can take a view of some of the pictures
as well as some exerpts from the storyline.