Welcome to Atelier Wadatsumi. Here, you will find images and animated programs crafted
by Wadatsumi Ikuo on exhibit.

Below is a small listing of do's and don'ts, which I cordially ask you to read through carefully.
I, the Administrator is not liable for any inconvenience caused by insufficient knowledge of the list.

1. This website focuses on UW (underwater), which is more or less an off-course form of fetishism.
Here are many illustrations and animated representations of women who are swimming or being
drowned in an underwater setting. If you feel uncomfortable or are averse to situations as such,
I recommend you choose not to enter the site. The Administrator is not accoutable for discomfort or
any other inconvenience you may experience due to viewing of this site.

2. Consider yourself not admitted to the site if you feel incapable of making your own decisions.
The Administrator is again not responsible for any influence that this site may have exerted upon you
for any incident or mishap you may experience subsequently.

3. Any unauthorized reproduction of images and animated programs on this website is strictly prohibited.
Under no circumstances will you be allowed to copy and paste, direct link, or upload contents on this site
to elsewhere without my prior acknowledgement.

I will take a firm stand on unauthorized reposts and direct linking. Please keep in mind
that violation will work against the benefits of all viewers who have chosen to visit the site.
If any act of violation is uncovered, I will promptly undertake the following procedures:

ERestriction on copying of images. (After this, you will not be able to copy and paste or right-click to
save images on this site.)@
ESuperimposing of warnings on each and every image.

Frankly, I hate to say all this to people who have browsed their way to visit my site, and hate even
more to have to impose some petty restrictions. However, I have seen many instances in which
carefree violators have significantly threatened online artists and administrators, and I don't want that
to happen here.

Therefore, let me be very clear on this.

I urge you again. DO NOT repost.